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narara eco village


Since 2014, Graham has been working with the community at Narara Eco Village; initially by providing NatHERS assessment of proposed cluster housing and then working closely with the community to develop their 

This resulted in a spreadsheet tool that  community members can use to assess the sustainability of their proposed designs against a range of measures - energy and water efficiency, thermal comfort, environmental impact, health and amenity.

The community has three planned phases for development. Stage one houses are either complete or underway. Prior to the establishment of DHW, Graham was involved in the design of 4 houses one of which was done in collaboration with Mitsuru Delisle and is now built.


in 2019-2020, DHW designed a 7.9 star dual occupancy home for village members which has now been completed.  (refer BBRICS)


DHW is currently involved in the design of 4 more houses which are to be part of the village and we look forward to many more to come! 

All of the houses will achieve high environmental performance with minimum 7 star NatHERS rating, use of recycled and rainwater systems, thermally efficient construction systems and use of natural materials such as cement soil bricks and recycled timbers. All will be fitted with photo-voltaic systems producing electricity which will feed into the village’s smart grid.


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