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ashfield home renovation



Ashfield alteration and addition in a conservation area. Contemporary upgrade connecting interior to sun-filled cottage garden. Details mark transition between heritage home, and contemporary open-concept living area. 

The house was a solid example of late federation home which had been modified primarily at the rear in the middle decades of the last century. It needed to be refreshed and the rear of the house needed to connect better to the lovely cottage style garden.


The original front part of the house containing bedrooms and a formal dining room was refurbished in original style of finishing to a high level. Some walls were removed to the rear of the house to create a more open plan new living/dining/kitchen area that opens onto a rear terrace and winter garden area.


This studio was the first double storey studio approved on the rear lane in the vicinity. to be approved it needed to be demonstrated that the visual and overshadowing impacts on the neighbours was minimised. Since it was finished a similar development has been approved and built next door.

Project details:

Year completed: 2017

Council: Inner West (formerly Ashfield)

Builder: Creative Habitat

Engineer: E2 Design

Sustainability Features:


Passive Design: Maximised number of North facing Windows and Doors. 

Active Heating and Cooling: Small reverse cycle AC added to rear living area. Existing underfloor gas heating serviced and re-furbished.

Water Saving: WELS rated fixtures throughout.

Windows and Glazing: double glazed timber framed rated for acoustic treatment as office is directly under the flight path


Building Materials: New walls to garage on ground floor - double brick. First floor - FC and Weathertex cladding on light     weight walls with R2.5 polyester insulation. R3.5 insulation to new metal roofs. Materials chosen for                                           economy and to keep height to a minimum so as to minimise over-shadowing.


Lighting: All new fittings are LED. 


Paints and Finishes: External paints - Heritage colours Internal paints - Ecolour Low VOC paints.


Lifestyle: Design aims to provide a comfortable private workspace on the first floor overlooking a leafy courtyard and a     well functioning garage/storage space on the ground floor. The north wall of the garage has custom built                           polycarbonate clad walls which when opened up allows the entertaining area in the rear courtyard to overflow                   into the garage for special occasions.

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